What is IGRS?

IGRS (Indonesia Game Rating System) or Electronic Interactive Game Classification. IGRS is an implementation of the regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia number 11 of 2016 concerning the Classification of Electronic Interactive Games.

IGRS assists developers and distributors of Electronic Interactive Games in marketing products in accordance with the noble values of the Indonesian nation. It also helps the public, especially parents, in choosing electronic games that are appropriate for the user age group. 

IGRS has the following objectives:

  1. To assist organizers in marketing Electronic Interactive Game products in accordance with the noble values of the Indonesian nation; and
  2. Help the community including parents in choosing Electronic Interactive Games that are appropriate for their age group.

Game classification procedure in IGRS:

1. Independent Classification/Self Assessment

  • Registration of the organizer
  • Completing the organizer profile data
  • Completing the Electronic Interactive Game data that you want to classify
  • Conducting self-classification
  • The result of self-classification can be used to market the product before conformity test is carried out

2. Classification by Committee :

  • Random and periodic testing
  • Test based on complaints
  • Test based on issues circulating in the community