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The First Descendant is a Free-to-Play Online Co-op Looter Shooter game that creates a unique atmosphere through a sci-fi-based fantasy world. It provides unique and exciting shooter battles based on various skills of each character, special movements through wires, and dozens of guns. Main characters' goal is to become Descendants in the fantasy post-apocalypse world and rebuild the world. Hundred years ago, demons, the legendary beings, attacked humans beyond their dimension. After that, Colossuses with outstanding power descended and destroyed all civilizations. Humans continue their expedition to find new human habitats and resources against the Colossues.

The First Descendant

Nexon Korea

The First Descendant
  • Darah, Mutilasi dan Kanibalisme
  • Kekerasan
Platform Windows OS, Xbox One, Sony PS5, Sony PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S
Release Date 9999-12-31
Game Version 0.9.171409
Suggested daily playtime 2 Jam
Type of Income In App Purchase